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nurse giving an elderly man medicine
In order to make sure that our in-home care services are of great quality, properly administered, and cost efficient, we dedicate our time and energy in garnering proper education, training, and inspiration.

Our efforts paid off into having one of the most excellent in-home care services and staff in the area. This is how we gain the trust of our clients at Shaba Health Services Corp.

We provide as many in-home care services as possible and as much as we are capable of providing. Service schedules are flexible too – we fit our care visits to your preferred schedule. We lower the costs while increasing the quality so that everyone from any age group and situation in need of in-home care could benefit from our care.

Here are our services:

There is no other in-home care company as dedicated, affordable, and committed as Shaba Health Services Corp. If you would like to be one of our clients, please get in touch with us today (612) 867-9699.