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About Us

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The senior members of the family played a crucial role in the molding of our different personalities. They nurtured us as we grew up and nursed us when we were sick. Our parents played the same role.

Now, it seems that it is our turn to extend that hand of care that they willingly offered us before. We want them to receive the kind of care where compassion and kindness is paramount. Now that they need us, it’s just right that we choose the most reliable provider of home care services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We hope you choose Shaba Health Services Corp. We’re ready to take on the task of caring for those you love.

To provide you with that quality of services, our services are performed only by knowledgeable and seasoned caregivers.

For our services to be considered effective, we need caregivers who can deliver. We need caregivers who are dedicated and kindhearted. We need caregivers who care for the patients just as they care for their own families. These are the same people who make up the agency at Shaba Health Services Corp. Our Caregivers. They determine the quality of our services. It is their competence as nurses, nursing aides, home health aides and personal care attendants that show clients what Shaba Health Services Corp. is all about.

If you possess the characteristics of the caregivers we are looking for, we invite you to be part of our company. Apply online now!